Store Policy

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at with any questions or concerns.


Issues with your order

Please inspect your order once you receive it. If have any issues or concerns with you order, please contact me directly and I can evaluate the situation to make a decision on how to correct the issue. 


Cancellations & Returns

Most items (excluding custom orders) are shipped same day or next business day. I will accept cancellation of an order within 2 hours after it has been placed. After that all sales are final.

Returns are not accepted on any order at this time. 


Returns and Cancellations of Custom Orders

There are no cancellations or changes made to on custom orders once the order has been placed. Often times materials are ordered specifically for a custom order, therefore no cancellations, changes or returns will be accepted on these orders.


Information Regarding Handmade Fabric Bags

The fabric used to make the bags is not prewashed nor is it pretreated to resist stains. Fabric may get dirty with everyday use. Spot cleaning is recommended for all bags. However, some bags (that do NOT include cork, leather, and vinyl) are able to machine washed on gentle cycle in cold water. They can be laid flat to dry. However, since the fabric is not prewashed, color bleeding may occur. I recommend using Shout Color Catchers in the washer to help prevent colors bleeding. I do not guarantee that this will work. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns regarding the care of your bag.

I use multiple kinds of interfacing to make the fabric sturdier and add structure to the bag. However, over time the cotton, denim, canvas and linen fabrics will show wear and the structure of the bag can soften. Normal wear and tear are not guaranteed.


Information Regarding Papercrafted Shelf Sitter Signs

Due to the delicate nature of paper, the colors on certain pieces of paper could fade over time if continuously exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, humidity can cause paper to warp. Please be aware that keeping this item in a very humid environment could cause slight separation of the paper from the canvas.