Creativity Over Quantity

Creativity Over Quantity


I love feeling inspired by colors and patterns. Embracing the joy of vibrant, bold, and beautiful fabrics. I am intentionally choosing to sew what brings me pure joy and has been a game-changer. It means diving into more intricate quilt piecing, exploring new techniques and patterns, adapting old ones, and finally using those cherished fabrics I've 'collected' over the years.

As we are already into the 2023 Fall Market season and with Holiday shopping quickly approaching, I'm releasing myself from the completely self-imposed pressure to adhere to a set standard of items, styles, and price points in my market booth. My experience in retail management over the years has proven beneficial for running a small business, but it can occasionally drain the joy from the handmade process. So, this year, while my market booths may not be brimming, each item there is a reflection of inspiration and passion for sewing beautiful things. I’m opting for creativity over quantity and every bag emerges as one of a kind. I have really begun to have the confidence to label what I create as art. And you know what? It's incredibly liberating.

Thank you to Tina Crespo for capturing this beautiful imagery of my bags. 

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